2016 Digital Advertising Stats

2016 Total Australian Advertising Market

IAB Australia recently released its data from 2016 on the total industry market share of advertising. It is no surprise to see that Digital is dominating the Advertising space and grew 23% in 2016 to $7.4B total spend.

Digital Advertising now makes up 48.6% of the Total Australian Advertising Market.

What do you do when you see data like this?

You should act on it. Slow movers are going to be left behind in the Digital age as lean, quick moving companies take advantage of measurable campaigns and implement growth strategy. 

There really aren’t any excuses anymore. Free Digital tools are readily available, and there are countless numbers of studios that offer great digital services. 

At the end of the day, I know that every business story is different. Find YOUR digital path and start walking on it, because digital is here to stay. 

Here are the quick stats and the pdf below. 

2016 Digital Stats

  • Digital Advertising makes up 48.6% of the Total Advertising Market
  • Digital grew 23% to $7.4b total spend
  • Business focused on Mobile, rather than tablets, responding to consumer trends
  • Digital Mobile & Video Ads increased 50% from 2015


2017 is a great year for business. Enjoy your success. 

IAB pdf Infographic