Easy LinkedIn Marketing Plan

Easy LinkedIn Marketing Plan that works

Is your business primarily b2b sales/services? Then this is a post for you with an Easy Linkedin Marketing Plan that works. This plan is an easy template that allows you to simplify how, when, and why your marketing your business on Linkedin.

I am going to list out the steps on this blog post, and if you would like, you will be able to download the Easy Linkedin Marketing Plan template in one week.

This Blog post is assuming 4 things:

  1. You know who your customer is – If not, develop up to 3 customer personas that make up your target market.
  2. You can measure increases to your website with tools such as Google Analytics
  3. You have some specific, measurable goals to achieve with Digital Marketing – Linkedin will help facilitate these.
  4. You are on LinkedIn already – if not, include that in your short term goals. “I will become familiar with the LinkedIn Platform.”

If you’re completely knew to an online presence, i would suggest starting here for measurement and visiblity with some google tools like Analytics, My Business, and Search Console.

The Plan ~

  1. Purpose – What’s your businesses purpose on Linkedin? Despite your industry, you want to:
    • engage and network with your audience – these may be future clients or advocates.
    • drive traffic to your website or blog
    • establish authority/credibility in your industry
  2. Measurable Goals – Pick a time frame – minimum 90 days – and set your goals that are measurable. These may look like:
    • increasing your followers from yy to zzz – be specific and keep yourself or team accountable.
    • increasing traffic to our blog by z,zzz directly from linkedIn
  3. Day to Day Structure – for yourself or your team, it’s important to have a picture of how the plan will work day to day.
    • Timeframe: Allocate the specific time you need on the platform. I would recommend a minimum of 15 minutes/day. This allows for posting, commenting, and engaging potential new followers.
    • Spend – $0 at this stage
    • Who’s responsible for this? If you are a solopreneur then the buck stops with you, but if you are working for a company with 2+ employees, see who you can bring into the process with you. One person can post to your company page and the others can share links via their personal profiles. Tip: It’s always useful to have another pair of eyes to look out for Company tone and potential copy mistakes.
  4. How do we measure this?
    • LinkedIn company pages have internal metrics to help you measure your effectiveness on LinkedIn.
    • Measure your website traffic in Google Analytics.
      • Go to the Acquisition tab -> Source/Medium -> Social Network/LinkedIn
      • Monitor the bounce rate of the referral source. The lower the better. This means people are engaged with your content.
      • Compare month over month. If you are following your rigorous plan these numbers will be increasing.
  5. Who, what and when
    • when to post – post once a day. Try some different times throughout the day to see when your audience engages the most. Start at 9am and work systematically. After two weeks, see when they responded.
    • Target your personas – your content should be interesting to them and encourage engagement. Strongly consider joining some groups where your target personas are members
    • Your content is going to be articles, images, quotes etc that interests your target personas and encourage engagement. Develop trust and credibility with your target.

These 5 steps in the Easy LinkedIn Marketing plan will produce results for your business. Once you make the plan, keeping to it consistently will make a big difference to the  overall results.

Helpful suggestions

Get others involved. If you are in a larger company, encourage senior team members to like and share your content as well.

With your daily posts, start the week off with a link to your blog post. Finish the week off with posting the same link. This will encourage traffic to your site and simultaneously takes the pressure off of posting something different every day. People will have missed it.

Promote LinkedIn on your business website, stationary and email signatures to develop your presence and followers.

Be responsive to all engagement. Be an active participator that is relevant. This will make a big difference to ground discussions. You don’t want to be red flagged.

Well, I hope you have found this plan helpful. Leave a comment or reach out to me by email.

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