Making your website more visible

Making your Website more visible

Quick wins for being found online

Why is my website not found on the first page of google search? This is a question one commonly hears.

A beautiful new website has just been created and it represents your brand so well. But where is it? “I searched for it on google, which is how I found everything, and it’s not there. What do I do?” he said.

In this post, we will look at a 2 Quick wins for making your website more visible online. There are many things to do for Search Engine Optimisation, but these two are often overlooked in the very beginning. Before we dive into it, please make sure that you have Google Analytics embedded on your site so you can measure the results of your work.

If your using WordPress, an easy way to add analytics to your site as well as Google Search Console, Facebook Pixel and any other tracking code in your site header is this header and footer plugin.  Let us look at these quick wins.

2 Quick Wins for your website

  1. Google Search Console – This is the place you need to register your site. You will need to verify your site property by embedding a line of code into it. From there, you can allow Google to index your site and see how easy it is for the search engine to crawl your site for information. Submit your sitemap.xml and robots.txt here as well for greater ease of searchability and indexing. Continue to utilise Google Search Console to fix crawl errors that might occur and also see what people are searching for when they click through to your site. Features are extensive on Google Search Console so take some time to explore them.My Heart Studio Search Console Quick Win - website more visible
  2. Google My Business – This would fall under Local Search Engine Optimisation. If you have a brick & mortar business, the business needs to be listed on here. It’s super easy to fill out all your business information, add pictures and link AdWords and analytics accounts. Once your profile is set up, you will receive insights into how many people have searched, seen and viewed your business on a monthly basis.My Heart Studio My Business Quick Win - website more visible

I am aware that both of these Quick Wins for being found online are with Google, but it makes senses as they are used by 95% of people online. Marketing is all about being where your customers are. Your business needs to be there when they are searching for you.

These two items are just the start of the process for making your website more visible online.

There are many consistent habits involved in being found online and being on the first page of results, but we all need to start somewhere. Make sure these two items are checked off your list. For more quick wins tailored to your online business, check out our Free Digital Health Check

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