SEO: A longterm Investment with Compounding Interest

SEO: A Longterm Investment

The Best Investments offer Compounding Interest

I have heard many people ask the question –

What does SEO cost?

I think the real question is – What is SEO costing your business by not investing in it? 

Search Engine Optimisation, SEO, is a longterm investment with Compounding interest. Albert Einsten referred to Compounding Interest as the Eigth wonder of the world. The fact that your investment can make interest and then your interest can make interest. Amazing, Right?

Investments aren’t just financial. In fact we can apply the same principles to so many things in our life – Invest your time, talents and resources and you will see a return. Hopefully a compounded return.

Compound interest is the eighth wonder of the world. He who understands it, earns it … he who doesn’t … pays it. – Albert Einstein

How does this apply to SEO?

Like any good savings/investment plan, a good mix of discipline, consistency and longterm perspective is crucial. Without the daily disciplines, you’ll invest elsewhere. Without consistency, that longterm goal isn’t achievable. Without a longterm perspective, you will cash in your longterm investment for something in the shortterm.

Take this approach with SEO. Implement these three items and you’re sure to see an increase in traffic to your website and all the great returns that come with it i.e.. sales, influence, and lead nurturing.

  1. Discipline – Set aside time each week to write content that addresses your target customer personas. It has to cost something or else you don’t really see it as valuable. It’s a trade off but it’s for the bigger, longterm perspective.
  2. Consistency – Set a posting schedule. Your future customers online will appreciate the consistency and this will develop trust. What’s the point in having an email marketing list if the list doesn’t receive consistent and relevant emails? Consistency will also mean your webiste posts will be growing at a weekly rate. Your posts will be indexed and Google will start ranking you higher over time as long your focus is strategic. ***think about your customers personas****
  3. Longterm Perspective – Keep the longterm at the forefront of your mind. There are a million things cluttering your mind and wanting your attention. With a longterm perspective, your willing to sacrifice the short term for a greater good for your business. That email can wait. Turn off your notifications for 30 minutes. Add some value to your future customer by answering a question they have or becoming a trusted authority in your industry.

SEO takes time and so by it’s very nature it is a longterm investment. It is an investment by the way. It’s not a cost. Just ask the SEO guru himself, Neil Patel.

If you invest in SEO strategically, you will be increasing your ranking to the first page of Google Results. Strategic Backlinks will increase your Domain Authority. Content will be a lead magnet with inbound marketing – Keep your customer persona in mind! When all of these things work together, your customer will know where to find you. Search Engines will know which site to list first to answer questions pertaining to your industry. All of these things combined with a strategic layout of your site will make for continued, sustainable lead generation and sales on your website.

Don’t hesitate, Start investing in your SEO today and remember that not everything urgent is important. 80% of the things wanting your attention right now, could wait for you to finish your daily allocated investment in SEO.

Not everything urgent is important. 80% of the things wanting your attention right now, could wait for you to finish your daily allocated investment in SEO.

Go for it!

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Until Next time, Keep on Being Found Online.