Digital Marketing Efficiency 

Content Creation Tools 

There are 1001 tools these days for generating and distributing content for your business. With many of us experiencing digital overload, the process of finding helpful tools can be overwhelming.

We use these digital content creation tools and recommend them to streamline content creation, distribution and automation. These three tools will affordably increase your efficiency. These tools work if you’re a blogger, solopreneur or managing marketing efforts for a large organisation. 

    1. Missinglettr – Content Distribution tool – drip feed blog articles to your social channels over 12 months
    2. Envato Elements – Creation made easy with video, photo, and templated graphics all with commercial licenses. 
    3. Adobe Spark App  – Brand your social content on the go with this app
    4. Sendinblue – All in one marketing automation tool and CRM with SMS functionality

    Automated Content Distribution

    Missinglettr is an automated tool that subscribed to your blog feed and auto-generates posts for LinkedIn Facebook and Twitter.

    Saving time and repurposing existing content is Missinglettr’s brilliance. I wouldn’t recommend it replacing your daily/weekly posts on social profiles, but when it comes to traffic generation it’s amazing!

    Customising is a breeze too. Simply upload your logo and colour guidelines. Missinglettr then incorporates your brand into the auto-generated posts.

    Don’t worry, Missinglettr doesn’t take full control over what you post. After pulling the copy and images from your blog post, it auto-generates multiple types of posts for you to choose from before starting your campaign which has customisable lengths and post amounts.

    Don’t miss this tool for 2019.

    PROBLEM – Not enough exposure to your blog posts. You’ve spent a significant amount of resources generating a blog post. You share it on social and then watch the traffic increase on your analytics account but it doesn’t. You boost your post because organic reach is dead but still falls flat after the 3 days of boosting.

    SOLUTION – MissingLettr auto-generated social posts of your blog posts

    SUCCESS – Sustained referral traffic for 12 months along with organic search – business exposure and bottom line grows.

    Content Creation Tools

    I’ve got two tools to recommend for content creation in 2019. If you don’t have the human resources or the time, then these are for you and your team.

    • ENVATO ELEMENTS – Is a great resource to create any form of content with stock images, videos, sounds, design files, presentation templates, logo templates, and even WordPress themes.

    This subscription tool can be utilised as a resource for generating many different types of content for your business. With a subscription, unlimited downloads are available with unique licenses for each item. You can create projects to organise your downloads and licenses which makes it easy to access files if you need to redownload.

    Are you wanting to generate consistent, quality content in 2019? Envato Elements is a resource tool to help you reach your content goals.

PROBLEM – Not enough to create your own assets. 

SOLUTION – ENVATO ELEMENTS provides a library of commercial licensed photos, videos, templates and more to make you shine online. 

SUCCESS – Save time by customising existing assets for your brand. Look great online and keep up with your content schedule. 

    • ADOBE SPARK is your ios/android tool to generate branded content on the go. Spark gives you an incredible library of seasonal templated posts for any of your social channels.

    Every template is fully customisable to your brand and style, but if you’re wanting to start from scratch, Spark contains a plethora of fonts, icons, and stock images to make your perfect social post.

    A great bonus about spark is that you’re not limited to digital templates. You can easily create a new business card, branded stationery and a variety of mailers.

PROBLEM – Always on the run and struggling to brand those special moments your capturing. 

SOLUTIONADOBE SPARK allows you to store brand assets and templates for easy creation of branded moments on the go. 

SUCCESS – Make the most of your moments when they’re happening, not when you get back to the office. 

  • Other Stock Photo Resources

    Depending on the use and context, stock photos are great for a variety of content types, but with the incredible cameras on our phones these days they aren’t always necessary…I’ll let you be the judge. All this is to say that authenticity goes a long way these days when it comes to converting content creation. Below is a brief list.

Life of Pix




Startup stock

I know this stock photo list isn’t exhaustive so please let us know your favourites. After all, the more we share the better off we all are.

CRMs + Marketing


Sendinblue offers an extensive suite of client relationship management and marketing tools to make your life easier when running a business.

PROBLEM – Sporadic marketing and client follow up. Not tracking engagement with emails, websites, social media marketing, and search engine marketing. 

SOLUTIONSendinblue allows you to track, market to and manage your client relationships with a user-friendly platform that doesn’t break the bank. Visualise and build out your digital marketing campaigns while getting real-time metrics to track and then optimise campaigns.  

SUCCESS – Make the most of every engagement and the relationships you’ve worked hard to establish. 

We’ll continue to add to this article on our site, so check back frequently or send us an email to suggest or ask about another tool. 

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