Australians are online

Good news!

Your customer isn’t the exception. They are online, and we can reach them.

Yes, yes they are. After you have a good understanding of who your customer is,  the next question to answer before investing any marketing dollars is where are my customers spending their time? 

Online represents a significant opportunity for any business or organisation. It’s equivalent to when the Roman Empire dominated much of the world when BC became AD. They built roads and infrastructure that changed the way the world transacted and information spread. 

Let’s look at the facts. Many people I talk to “feel” like their customer isn’t online, but it’s simply not the truth. Let’s zoom out and look at some data to make our decisions. 

Australian’s Actively Online

20,717,000 Australians 2+ Online

  • Age 18 to 24 – 2,337,000 Australians 99% 99%
  • Age 25 to 34 – 3,734,000 Australians 99% 99%
  • Age 35 to 44 – 3,246,000 Australians 98% 98%
  • Age 45 to 54 – 3,111,000 Australians 96% 96%
  • Age 55 to 64 – 2,649,000 Australians 91% 91%
  • Age 65+ – 2,887,000 Australians 73% 73%

The remaining 15% make up 3,066,000 Australians aged 2 – 17.



Using Data for Marketing Decisions

Investing my marketing dollars

Where is easy access to your customer’s attention?

The online advertising world is hypercompetitive. A strategic mix of creativity, consistency and channel will help you win attention online. The 3 essential C’s of online marketing. Let’s see those again.

Marketing Creativity

Marketing Consistency

Marketing Channels

According to the Digital Landscape data, the top 2 places online people are using are Google and Facebook. Your customer is searching for things and keeping up with the times. However, the top 2 places online where people are spending the most time are Youtube and Facebook.

Here’s a list of the top 5 places online Australians

are frequenting and spending their time.

1 – 5


6 – 10


Let’s reach your customer online. 

We welcome the opportunity to talk to you about your sustainable tomorrow.