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Marketing Can Be Overwhelming. We’ll make it easy for you.

My Heart Studio WEB design

Website Development

Your website is a business tool that's worth investing in.

Custom website from $15k

Partnership Options

More than a Brochure

Your website can become your #1 tool for your business to generate leads & sales for your business. It's so much more than a glorified PDF Brochure or a vanity metric. Your website is a tool for conversion.

Your website is the front door that's open for all to see 24/7. Make it work for you!

Your website is really the foundation for all other marketing activities online and works well with:

  1. Social Media Management
  2. Digital Advertising
  3. Search Engine Optimisation
My Heart Studio Digital Strategy

Digital Strategy & Consulting

The missing piece or compliment to your overall marketing plan.

Book a Call, A $125 Value

Reviews, Planning, & Execution

Aim for a Target

We utilise the SOSTAC® framework for all of our digital marketing planning.

Digital Strategy that tackles the complexities of marketing in a digital world.

This strategic piece fits within your overall marketing plan and accentuates it for greater effectiveness and business growth via online platforms.

High percentages of businesses across Australia still don't have an intentional, strategic digital component to their overall marketing plan, because of the learning curves and unknowns.

It makes sense to have a digital partner that works within the framework of your business and guides you to digital success.

Read more about SOSTAC

Going digital means 24/7 opportunities to test and refine. We don't start out guessing, but we have the opportunity to take what we know and make it better.

Works Well With:

  1. Digital Advertising
  2. Social Media Management
My Heart Studio Digital Advertising

Digital Advertising

Leverage the power of Online platforms to grow online.

Meta, Google and LinkedIn

Partnership Option

PPC and Lead Generation

The Internet is not going away, but how do you use it as a tool for business growth? We'll develop strategies and implement surefire ways to grow your database from advertising on social media platforms, search engines like google and bing, and credible listing websites.

In essence, we leverage these platforms to create your own platform for 24/7 nurturing if you choose to do so. No longer will you be subject to algorithm changes or price increases with your own database of interested future customers.

Works well with:

  1. A Digital Strategy
  2. Social Media Management
  3. Email Marketing
  4. Search Engine Optimisation

We show you what's working and isn't by the data. Data-driven decision-making allows us to steward the responsibilities we've been given better.

Sure, we may not be able to see the end from the beginning, but we can start, analyse the data, and allow the data to guide us.

My Heart Studio Email Marketing Campaigns

Email Marketing

Leverage your Database with emails that nurture sales. 

Partnership Option

Engage your database

We love emails. Open rates and conversions are higher than many other digital formats, and with your customer's details, you can create campaigns and execute them without any additional ad spend.

Imagine pushing the 'GO' button to your own marketing machine anytime you want. Sounds too good? Well, a qualified email database is a platform to do this.

Let's talk today about growing your database and building your marketing machine with well-crafted email campaigns.

Works well with:

  1. Digital Strategy
  2. Digital Advertising
  3. Social Media Management
My Heart Studio Social Media Management

Social Media Marketing

Building your following online with a targeted approach that is consistent.

Partnership Option

Targeted and Consistent

Social Media Management is one of the best things to get off your plate when your marketing team is stretched already. We're talking CMO, Media Manager, or solo business operator crushed by the weight of SMM.

We'll craft custom content with a few basics from you such as:

  1. Who is your customer
  2. Tone of voice
  3. Images and Video of your business

If you don't have these, no problems. We can create a strategy that incorporates a brand guide for Social Media Marketing. It'll be well documented and ready to reference whenever necessary.

For just 25 - 35% of the cost to hire someone internally, we plan, create, post and manage so you or your team don't have to.

We specialise in the following D2C and B2B platforms:

  1. Facebook
  2. Instagram
  3. LinkedIn

Focus on what matters most that only you can do.

Works well with

  1. Digital Advertising
  2. Email Marketing
My Heart Studio SEO Users flow

Search Engine Optimization

Show up when it matters most...when users are searching

Partnership Option

Talk to Search Engines

Optimise your site so it's friends with the Search Engines like Google and Bing. Be found online when your customers are in consideration mode and searching for your product - Really, this is when it matters most.

We'll develop an integrated keyword and site structure strategy that makes sure you're ranking higher than your competitors. Factors like Content produced, Site Authority and Structure are all keys to a successful SEO-friendly site.

The Algorithms are changing every two to three days, so let us do the heavy lifting and make sure your site is visible when it needs to be.

SEO is not a sprint but it is a long-distance race and works well shorter sprints like:

  1. Digital Advertising
  2. Email Marketing
  3. Social Media Management

An Article to learn a little more about SEO

Digital Partnerships – Exceptional Delivery, Completely Digital

No minimum commitment. Pause or Cancel anytime. 100% Satisfaction Gauranteed. 

Digital Partner Subscription

Includes all Digital Services for Every Stage of Growth.

One Company. Unlimited Requests. Unlimited users.

Book a call to learn how we can serve your business.

What’s included:
Landing Pages
Digital Advertising Campaigns
Email Marketing Campaigns
Social Media Management
Search Engine Optimisation

Cancel or pause anytime


Prices include GST.


Save $500 per month.


Prices include GST.

Book a call for annual upfront discounts.

Digital Ads Subscription

One Company. Unlimited Requests. Unlimited users.

Platforms included:

Book a call to learn how we can serve your business.

What’s included:
Unlimited Search & Social Ad Campaign Requests.
Includes Ad Creation & Execution.
Includes Management & Reporting.
Cancel Anytime.

Cancel or pause anytime. Doesn’t include Ad Spend.


Prices include GST.


Save $250 per month. Doesn’t include Ad Spend.


Prices include GST.

Book a call for annual discounts of $500/m.

Single Digital Services.

One Company. Unlimited Requests. Unlimited users.

Book a call to learn how we can serve your business.

Email Marketing Subscription

Cancel Anytime.
Unlimited Campaign Requests
Creation, Execution, & Monthly Reporting
Fresh new designs aligned with your brand.

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Prices include GST.

Social Media Management Subscription

Includes Profile Refresh
Creation, Execution, Management & Monthly Reporting
One post per week per platform below

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Prices include GST.

Search Engine Optimisation Subscription

One Domain & One Business Location
Includes Full Site Audit
Optimised Site for Service & Geolocation
Monthly Listings to Expand Online Presence
Google & Bing Business Profile

Cancel or pause anytime. Discounts for Multiple locations.


Prices include GST.

My Heart Studio WEB design


WordPress Landing Pages

Increase  your campaign conversion rate with a new and better user experience. Lightning fast hosting included. Requires a  Service subscription.


Digital Services Subscription FAQs
Is there a limit to how many requests I can have?

No. Add unlimited requests to your Digital queue, and they will be delivered one by one.

How do I request Digital Services?

When you Subscribe, you are invited to your personal dashboard where you submit all your requests, drop all your assets, and watch in real-time as your requests move to ‘in progress and then ‘complete.’

How long until I receive my Digital Service?

Most requests are completed within 2 to 3 business days or less. More complex Digital Campaigns or websites will take a little longer. 

Who fulfils the Digital Services requests?

My Heart Studio is a Digital Services Agency of one with the ability to scale through strategic Australian Digital Specialists if necessary.

Why not hire a Digital Specialist internally?

Good luck. One, To find a specialist in Australia, you’ll be outlaying six figures minimum with benefits and super. Two, Most specialists value flexibility over security. Three, You’ll struggle to keep them busy 40 hours a week without incorporating additional out-of-scope work.

What if I have only one request?

No worries. Cancel or pause your subscription at any time.