Consume or Invest in your business for 2023?

Did you ever read Rich Dad Poor Dad?  When I was 13, I almost read the whole thing, but one thing Robert wrote still remains in my head today…

Buy a gum ball machine

Let me explain. In an effort to teach his son about investment, he encouraged his son to buy a gum ball machine instead of a toy. The gum ball investment would produce continual dividends to then buy the toy he wanted in the first place…Brilliant right? Of course I’m paraphrasing but the principal holds true.

If you invest in assets for your business, you’ll reap returns that pay longterm dividends.

In the spirit of Black Friday and Cyber Monday, where we all are being bombarded by hungry retailers, may I encourage you to take advantage of some great assets that have saved me, both, time and money in the thousands.

Unashamedly, in the spirit of full disclosure, there will be some benefit to me. I’m sharing these digital assets because I use them everyday, and it’s worth the investment.

5 Tools to invest in for your business for 2023 this Black Friday and Cyber Monday

SEMRUSH Black Friday Cyber Monday 2022 | My Heart Studio
  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • LinkedIn
SEMRUSH 20 in 1 super tool

If you’re looking for just one investment for you business, then this is it. SEMRUSH has evolved significantly over the last 5 years I’ve used them. If you’re looking to grow online and ensure your current online presence is exceptional, then this tool will make 2023 a success. How does the following sound:

  • Search Engine Optimisation – Know where you fall short and exactly what you need to do to fix it.
  • Social – plan, prepare and publish social posts right from your dashboard where results all feed in
  • Pay Per Click Advertising – Detailed competitor analysis, planning and publishing ads that convert can now all be done in SEMRUSH
  • Inbound Marketing becomes easy with the content marketing toolkit that shows what you need to write to get in front of your ideal customer. SEMRUSH can also help you write content with AI and analyse your current content and show simple improvements you can make.
  • the GURU subscription also provides some incredible features giving you a competitive advantage.

Grab your limited time deal today and win online in 2023. GURU Subscription or .TRENDS

SEMRUSH Trends helps you analyse your traffic and your competitors as well as track insights on your target market online. Trends is the ultimate way to stay competitive in a crowded digital space.


This is the time to invest in tools that will transform your business. HubSpot can do this from a CRM, CMS, Sales and Marketing perspective.

Have you been struggling to keep track of your customers? Do you have an amazing product that nobody knows about? Consider a tool that can help you engage your prospective clients in a meaningful way.

HubSpot offers a lot for small and large businesses a lot. If you’re wondering where to start, consider their free CRM or marketing tools and save time with easy reminders or an automated email. You can read more about the product with another article I’ve written below.

HubSpot Free CRM


Attention all content creators, website designers, marketing coordinators, and business owners looking for excellent resources with licenses for commercial use.

  1. Adobe Premiere, After Effects, Illustrator and photoshop templates
  2. Microsoft Word and Powerpoint presentation templates for proposals, sales presentations, brand stationary
  3. Stock Photos in the millions
  4. Graphic Templates
  5. Fonts
  6. Sounds Effects and
  7. Stock Music
  8. WordPress Templates

The Envato Elements Annual subscription comes at incredible value and they are constantly expanding their resources library. As a bonus, Envato Elements now has functionality for multiple team members – perfect for remote staff. Save big with subscriptions as little as $12/m this black Friday sales weekend.


So you’ve spent hours creating that perfect blog post with curated imagery, crafted text and Search Engine optimised to the max.  You push publish and refresh your analytics account expecting to see the tens and hundreds of thousands of hits, but wait there’s 37 and two are from mum and dad who sent a text after they read it.

We’ve all been there, and it’s horrible. Enter from stage right, Missinglettr your guide on your hero’s journey.

Missinglettr pulls all the text and images from your blog feed and creates beautiful posts for automated distribution to your social channels – hashtag win.

Once you integrate your social accounts –

  • Twitter
  • Facebook
  • LinkedIn

You can simply execute 3 to 12 month campaigns of curated image, quote and text posts from your precious blog post. It is a beautiful piece of software, and I would recommend it to ANYONE with a website that desires more traffic. Get writing people and let Missinglettr take care of the distribution. Save up to $800 on annual subscriptions this black Friday sales weekend.

DIGITAL PACIFIC | Where websites live

You’ve got the content creation and distribution sorted, but where does it all live? Digital Pacific is an Australian business with local servers and support. BOOOM!

Seriously, I cannot recommend them enough. The amount of time I have saved using them is incredible, and you don’t pay extra for DNS management and simple things that really should come standard with your account.

Picture this…something goes wrong with your Email or Website and you have to call the dreaded support line.

With Digital Pacific, the longest I’ve waited is 2 minutes on a support call for an Australian technician on a crystal clear phone call. No international call centres. Hallelujah!!!

If you are unhappy with your current hosting provider, I can’t recommend them enough. With local servers, local support, and every hosting option you could need, Digital Pacific is the right choice. Enjoy savings of around 25% and sign up today. They can transfer your website and email from other providers at a small cost of $99.

Wrapping up…

This Black Friday Sales weekend consider sorting out your content, your distribution and where it all lives online. Invest in your business and see the longterm returns in time and money. As Robert wrote so gracefully, ‘buy the gum ball machine.’

Any questions, send me an email at [email protected].

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