PROBLEM – Not enough exposure to your educational, value-adding content.

You’ve spent a significant amount of resources generating educational, value-adding content. You share it on social and then watch for the traffic to increase on your analytics account, but it doesn’t. You boost your post because organic reach is dead but still falls flat after the 3 days of boosting. What is one to do?

SOLUTION – MissingLettr auto-generated social posts from your blog posts for Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, Twitter and Google My Business.

The product is continually expanding and releasing updates. Recently, Social Curation has been added for incorporating articles from credible sources into your feeds and planning future posts.

SUCCESS – Sustained referral traffic for 12 months from Social Platforms plus organic search – more business exposure and bottom-line growth.

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If you like the Rolling Stones, you’re probably familiar with the song “Time it’s on my side,” but in our daily routines in the 9 to 5 grind, it hardly feels like this is the case. We’re using lists, software, and calendar reminders to keep us ticking the ‘to-do list’ boxes as it grows disproportionally to our allocated hours.

As a Digital Partner, I continually see small teams or solo Marketing Managers struggling to keep up with all the marketing and internal communications a business requires. Depending on your generation, you may strongly dislike what’s become everyday digital platforms that aren’t going away.

Unfortunately, the dislike doesn’t outweigh the need to maintain a robust digital presence.

If you’re familiar with the song’s lyrics, many digital platforms that have been with us for more than a decade are probably singing the song to us. They’ll be around, and they have what we need. At some point, we can no longer deny the need for them and the opportunity they present.

When we analyse a business’s current online presence, capabilities and opportunities, we recommend and set up SaaS products that increase efficiencies without needing another .5 or 1 FTE. That’s what partnership is all about – identifying, expanding, presenting and executing with clients.

MissingLettr presents a fantastic opportunity for small businesses and large organisations alike to create good content and then distribute it.

If you’re providing a service or product that requires any time for education and/or consideration from your prospective customer, then this is for you.

Missinglettr is an automated tool that subscribes to your blog feed and auto-generates posts on platforms like LinkedIn, Google My Business, Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

Saving time and repurposing existing content is Missinglettr’s brilliance. I wouldn’t recommend replacing your daily/weekly posts on social profiles, but it’s fantastic for traffic generation amongst

Customising is a breeze too. Simply upload your logo and colour guidelines. Missinglettr then incorporates your brand into the auto-generated posts.

Don’t worry; Missinglettr doesn’t take complete control over what you post. After pulling the copy and images from your blog post, it auto-generates multiple types of posts for you to choose from before starting your campaign.

Don’t miss this tool for 2022; as a bonus, enjoy 50% off any plan for 3 months.