Retirement Village Positioning

Have you ever wondered why some campaigns are incredibly successful and some are not?

When your copy is out of alignment with your branding and offering, you are sending mixed messages to your potential customer.

Confusion kills action. Clarity causes response.

The following is about aligning your branding and positioning in the market. 

Organisational Brand Alignment

Product vs. Community

Most digital marketing in retirement is like my first cellphone. It was great, but it wasn’t smart. Nowadays, we have the opportunity to make our phones dumb or run a company from them as the advances over the last decade are tremendous, but It comes down to the necessities of the user. With your digital marketing, are you maximising the present-day opportunity for your future residents? 

Their journey to retirement includes a multitouch approach that desires a genuine, authentic display of your community. From digital to open days, are you presenting an aligned approach to marketing? 

Visual, Verbal, and Value

Consider the three V’s of branding, visual, verbal, and value*. When these are unaligned, our marketing efforts get lost in the noise of confusion, creating longer customer journeys amongst shorter mandatory buyback timeframes. 

Our brand values are unaligned when we advertise our communities like products. Consider what your organisation represents, the words you use, and your positioning amongst competitors the next time you draft a piece of content or advertisement, and please don’t advertise discounts. When we differentiate ourselves on price, we position ourselves as a commodity rather than the unique communities we are.  

Perhaps the last significant purchase our residents will make in their lives, I believe they are looking for a place to belong to, invest in, and travel from. Think about this as you create your next campaign. 

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*Thanks for the inspiration Mike Kim