Retirement Village Digital Marketing

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I previously had the privilege to present on Retirement Village Digital Marketing at a Retirement and Aged Care symposium at the Morphettville race course. The event was sold out with over 90 delegates representing retirement villages and aged care services across South Australia.

Speakers from Adelaide University, Ernst & Young, United Communities, O’Loughlins Lawyers, Office for the Ageing and myself presented on their relative expertise from legislative changes, industry projections and grants.

It was very educational as the quality of the speakers was high. My presentation covered the what, why, and how of retirement village digital marketing, and also why Digital Marketing is appropriate for the Retirement & Aged Care Industry.

Marketing is about understanding your customer and knowing where they focus their attention. So where do potential retirees and family members of future aged care residents spend their time?

The results from IAB & Nielsen show that Australians 50 years and older have the highest usage online. Why wouldn’t we be marketing online when our target customer and secondary customer – 50 years plus – has the highest usage online in Australia.

Retirement Villages Digital Marketing Presentation

Why is digital marketing better than traditional print marketing with retirement villages? It’s

  • Measurable
  • Accessible
  • Improvable
  • It’s where people are at

Measurability is an important factor in any business. When investing resources such as good people, time and money, return on investment is incredibly crucial. It indicates the current success of ongoing campaigns and sets a benchmark for future campaigns. Going digital offers real-time and ongoing results analysis. An advertiser is able to see impressions, click through rates and sales connected to a specific campaign. This is not the case with traditional advertising where impressions are approximated by distribution and surveying incoming phone calls. Measurability with Digital Marketing is enough to qualify the idea of this marketing method in retirement and aged care alone, but there are other factors as well. Keep reading.

Online Marketing is very accessible and can appeal to any budget. If you want to maximise ROI, it’s nice to be able to access great results with little spend.

Unlike Ad campaigns in the past, Digital affords us the opportunity to see results, improve and scale the ad during the campaign to maximise ROI for a fraction of the price. This is amazing! A business can A/B test ads to see what creative content works better and then optimise along the way.

The evidence is stacked towards going digital. There is no doubt about it, but how can you start? To start, you have to assess

  • where are we? – Some digital, no digital or we got this covered thanks, Josh.
  • what resources do we have? – people, infrastructure and spend
  • where are the quick wins to gain confidence and keep going?

Taking some time to ask these questions is a good starting point, and then it’s time to start moving. Time is ticking. Would you like some help with the process? Book a free strategy call.

I can hear the questions surfacing now…

“What do the results look like? Show me some data.”

Retirement Village Digital Marketing Results

These results come from the following Digital Marketing services:

  • Facebook Advertising Service
  • Web Presence Optimisation aka SEO Service
  • Google Adwords Service

Our Retirement Village Digital Marketing Activities have been able to achieve the following:

Facebook Advertising
  • Retirement villa sale directly from a campaign
  • Reaching 34,937 people in our target market through Facebook Advertising with an overall 13.4% CTR
  • Traffic Generation Campaigns resulted in a 22.6% CTR
  • Community Engagement: Facebook likes increasing from 39 to 849
  • 101,000 impressions
  • $3016.79 spent over 6 months
 Web Presence Optimisation (SEO+)
  • 250% Increase in form submissions online
  • 42.6% Increase in New Users
  • 150% Increase in Pageviews
  • 84% decrease in people leaving our website (Bounce Rate)
  • Organic Search is our biggest component of traffic – WPO works
  • Integration of a payment portal on the website to receive online donations
Google Adwords Service
  • 49257 impressions through our Adwords Grant
  • $2543 saved through the grant
  • 1327 clicks through to the website

From 30 to 180 days we have seen steady increases in user activity and traffic to the website. A lot of our time has been spent on strategic campaign planning, website modifications, and generating helpful information to visitors to the site. These digital marketing activities combined with weekly team meetings have led to continuing success for our clients.

Do you need a digital marketing partner for your business?

We would welcome the opportunity to talk with you about helping you achieve your goals and growing your business online. We provide a hands-on consultative approach to helping our clients in achieving their organisation’s goals.



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